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Provenance Explorer

API Documentation

Provenance Explorer is the face of the Provenance Blockchain. Explorer tries to present most, if not all, of the data on chain in a concise format for easy access and understandability.


Explorer is populated by a variety of queries to the chain. The queries are broken into logical sections.


Queries pertaining to standard accounts on chain, recognized by the default address prefix. Data includes balances, details, delegations, and rewards.


Queries pertaining to standard assets on chain. These include both Provenance markers and standard denom types. Data includes details, holders, and metadata.


Queries pertaining to blocks. Data includes lists and details.


Queries pertaining to the chain as a whole. Data includes module parameters, gas and fee statistics, chain-level market rates, and version upgrades.


Queries pertaining to governance transactions. Data includes proposal details, voting, and deposits. Also includes APIs to build governance transaction msgs, i.e. Submit, Deposit, and Vote.


Queries pertaining to IBC transactions. Data includes channels, IBC denoms, and balances transferred across chains.


Queries pertaining to Names - the names used to attach an attribute to an address.

NFTs (Scopes)

Queries pertaining to NFTs (scopes). Data includes details and record status.


Queries that return notifications for pending chain upgrades, proposals to be voted on, and general chain announcements.

Smart Contracts (WASM)

Queries pertaining to Smart Contracts. Data includes contract lists, details, and history.


APIs to build transaction msgs for staking-related actions, i.e. Delegate, Undelegate, Withdraw Rewards, etc.


Queries pertaining to transactions. Data includes related transaction lists, details, message types.


Queries pertaining to validators of the chain. Data includes status, details, commissions, validator-level market rates, and missed block analysis.