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Pricing Engine

API Documentation

Pricing Engine (PE) is a Figure Tech service providing the ability to assign a value to a Provenance marker or scope.

Uploading Pricing Data

Through the PE API, marker admins can set the price of a marker via the marker’s address or denom. Likewise, scope value owners can set the price of an individual scope. Pricing data uploads require, at a minimum, a marker or scope identifier, a numerical price value, the denomination of the price (e.g. “usd”, “btc”, “eth”), and an effective timestamp. API usage of the secured REST controller to upload pricing data requires an apikey, which can be requested through your account manager.

Retrieving Pricing Data

Current and historical prices can be retrieved via an unsecured REST controller that does not require an apikey. Pricing data can be obtained by marker address(es), marker denom(s), scope(s), or by timestamp. Presently, the primary consumer of pricing data is the Provenance Blockchain Explorer to report the Assets Under Management on Provenance, as well as display individual asset prices.