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Portfolio Manager

API Documentation

Portfolio Manager (PM) is a Figure Tech application providing the ability for loan owners to manage their portfolio held on Provenance. Loans are onboarded onto Provenance by loan origination systems. Onboarded loan information consists of individual data fields, documents associated with the loan, and the results of validation rules executed against the data. Once PM is given permission to the data, loan owners use PM to sell loans, finance loans, and combine into other structures such as participation interests and securitizations.

Owners can also use PM to download reports for owned loans, commonly referred to as loan tapes, as well as payment history reports. PM provides the functionality for owners and investors to customize the output report format. Owners can also access these reports from exposed API endpoints. API usage requires an apikey, which can be requested through your account manager. Investors to proposed transactions also have access to these reports, which they can use during their due diligence process.