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Marketplace as a Service

API Documentation

Marketplace as a service provides functionality to enable digital asset transactions on Provenance via two layers of technology. The first being a set of provenance smart contracts (raise & subscription) that facilitate the exchange of digital assets. The second being a REST API that removes the burden of composing transactions and broadcasting them to the provenance blockchain.

This service is designed to allow the developer to choose which form of wallet (key) custody they see fit. The REST API has endpoints to compose transactions per operation, as well as a universal endpoint to submit signed transactions. It is the client's responsibility to sign the transaction.


Figure is able to provide wallet custody to clients who are unable or would prefer not to manage their own wallets. See Figure Custodial Wallet.

Some clients may wish to interact directly with the smart contract on provenance, forgoing the REST API. This is permitted and functional as the contracts are designed to provide core capabilities without the REST API wrapper.

In addition to simplifying technical interaction with provenance blockchain, the REST API stores client specified metadata about the contract and transaction abstractions in a database. This metadata is likely to be used by clients wishing to host a marketplace app.